My Attempt at Seahawks Nail Art 3

I wanted to try some simple nail art and it turns out I agreed to work during the Seahawks game tomorrow. SO! Why not combine the two? (Don’t feel too sorry for me. I should be able to listen to it.)

My plan was to do two colors per nail and the Seahawks colors are blue and green, so I decided to use Sinful Colors Professional in Gorgeous and nails inc London Magnetic Polish in the strand (I ignored the magnetic part and just used it as a regular polish). In case you can’t interpret those names, the first is green and the second is blue. They’re not exactly the same shade as the Seahawks colors, but the effect works for me.

Anyway, here’s what I did!

Nail Art

First, I covered half of each of my nails with scotch tape.

Nail Art

Then I painted the half not covered in tape (okay, and I painted a lot of the tape. I never could color in the lines). I wanted to alternate colors, so half are blue and half are green.

Nail Art

Then I took the tape off! These should probably be perfectly straight lines, but I am not a perfect person. (Also, I think I didn’t press the tape down hard enough, so some snuck under it.)

My Seahawks nails!

Then I painted the other half of my nails and this is what it came out like! I imagined this part being hard, but it wasn’t, really, because the polish that’s already on the nail creates a raised line.

Seahawks nail art

I’m right-handed, which means my right hand doesn’t look as good. But the polish on my fingers will come off! And I will get better with practice!

  • Lix Hewett

    That looks way better than my normal only-one-color nail polish does. I love the colors you piiicked.

    • Katie Baker

      Thanks! It’s already chipping, which is kind of frustrating. Aw well.

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